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Viatorian Presence Alive and Well at Saint Viator High School

April 18, 2018

It’s been 57 years since the Viatorian Community opened Saint Viator High School, with a faculty that consisted nearly entirely of professed brothers and priests. Flash forward in time, and Viatorians continue to have a strong presence in the school. Only this time, lay associates, brothers and priests work together to continue to advance the Viatorian mission among the school community.

Their portraits hang on the wall in the main hallway, but here’s what these Viatorians contribute to the vitality of the school:

Associate Cathy Abrahamian, Assistant to the president

Associate Don Abrahamian, security

Fr. Charles Bolser, chaplain

Fr. Mick Egan, chair of board of governors




Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, vice president of Viatorian mission and identity

Pre-Associate Barbara D’Urso, chairman of religion department


Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, alum and student teacher in history


Fr. Dan Lydon, CSV, alum and teacher of religion and Spanish


Associate Joe Majkowski, counselor


Pre-Associate John Paulik, religion teacher


Pre-Associate Ann Perez, religion teacher


Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV, math coach


Associate Tim Schwarz, member board of trustees


Fr. John Van Wiel, CSV, member board of trustees