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Peace & Justice

Viator House of Hospitality Reaches One-Year Mark

published on: January 19, 2018

One year after the Viator House of Hospitality opened — with the mission of offering a supportive environment to young immigrant men while they seek asylum — it is nearly filled to capacity and a waiting list is expected. “We filled … Continue reading

Combatting the Language of Racism and Classism

published on: January 17, 2018

Leaders of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men reacted to comments made by President Donald Trump last week, describing them as “another example in a long line of racist and classist signals. “He directed these comments to the countries … Continue reading

Action Items to Help Pass the Dream Act

published on: January 17, 2018

Action Items to Support Dreamers

published on: January 4, 2018

Message from Pope Francis on the 51st World Day of Peace

published on: January 4, 2018

On the occasion of World Peace Day — celebrated on Jan. 1 — Pope Francis made a plea to support migrants, men and women refugees in search of peace. “In a spirit of compassion, let us embrace all those fleeing from … Continue reading

Praying with Migrants at the Border

published on: January 2, 2018

For the fourth time in less than two years, Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, has led a group of young adults from Viatorian ministry sites to the border between Arizona and Mexico. This time, he was joined by Br. John Eustice, CSV. … Continue reading

National Migration Week

published on: December 28, 2017

We are Stronger Working Together Than Alone

published on: December 19, 2017

The Viatorian Community regularly works with members of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men in advancing social justice initiatives. The organization recently listed some of the major accomplishments made through its network of religious communities, standing together as one … Continue reading

Join in a Youth-Led Rally for Passage of the DREAM Act

published on: December 19, 2017

A Youth-Led Rally for passage of a clean DREAM Act will take place at 4:30 p.m. today at Federal Plaza in Chicago. The event is hosted by the HANA Center (formerly Korean American Community Services), AFIRE Chicago, Asian Americans Advancing … Continue reading

Action Items on Immigration

published on: December 19, 2017

Action Alerts to Welcome the Dreamers this Advent

published on: December 12, 2017

Latest Action Alert on Immigration

published on: December 5, 2017

A Call to Protect Basic Human Rights in Afghanistan

published on: December 4, 2017

An editorial posted online by the organization, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, says that the U.S./NATO/Afghanistan coalition and mainstream media have been so occupied with the business of a failed ‘war on terror’ that basic human development and needs — specifically, clean … Continue reading

Action Items to Save All Families

published on: November 22, 2017

Action Alerts to Help Dreamers

published on: November 15, 2017

Action Alert from Conference of Major Superiors of Men

published on: November 15, 2017

This month’s action alert from the Conference of Major Superiors of Men includes ways to advance environmental stewardship, as well as the latest message from Pope Francis about his goal of integral disarmament as part of the Catholic nonviolence initiative. … Continue reading

A Vision To Advance Interfaith Dialogue is Growing

published on: November 8, 2017

Back in 2011, Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, co-founded the Children of Abraham Coalition in response to the growing religious-based hatred on the rise after the tragedies of 9/11. Its stated mission was to educate young people about different faiths as well as to … Continue reading

State and National Action Items on Immigration

published on: November 7, 2017

Action Items to Support DREAMERS

published on: October 31, 2017

Making a Case for Judicial Independence in Immigration Court

published on: October 26, 2017

The National Immigration Justice Center points to a report cited in the Washington Post, that the Department of Justice is moving to impose quotas on immigration judges. Immigration judges should have one goal: the fair adjudication of each case that … Continue reading

A Letter from Inside the Detention Center at Guantanámo.

published on: October 19, 2017

Khalid Qasim, has been at the prison at Guantanamo Bay for 15 years without charge or trial. He has been on a hunger strike to protest, but recently he has accused officials of a sudden change in practice that could result in him starving to … Continue reading

Latest Immigration Alert

published on: October 17, 2017

Honoring Indigenous Peoples

published on: October 16, 2017

The Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum has created a museum exhibition and series of public programs uplifting Indigenous leadership in struggles to protect water, land, public health, and our collective future. Called, Kwel’ Hoy: We Draw the Line!, this cross-country tour … Continue reading

Update from the National Immigrant Justice Center

published on: October 16, 2017

The Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) is dedicated to ensuring human rights protections and access to justice for all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. In its latest statement, the center  wholly rejects the Trump administration’s October 8 “Immigration … Continue reading

Las Vegas Tragedy, Dreamers and Caring for Creation

published on: October 16, 2017

The latest justice and peace alert from the Conference of Major Superiors of Men opens with a prayer for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting tragedy, but quickly moves to giving ways to support Dreamers, a story about priests … Continue reading

Ways to Impact DACA Youth

published on: October 16, 2017